Hanne Kolstø - Live at Tøyenkirken (LP,MC,DIGITAL)

One grand piano. One voice. It usually doesn’t take more to send shivers down your spine. At least when the artist is called Hanne Kolstø and has a songbook that surpasses many others’. The extremely prolific singer-songwriter and producer from Sykkylven has in five years released five albums with her innovative pop music. Now she’s […]


Undergrünnen – Ørkesløs Fryd EP (7″ VINYL/DIGITAL)

2015 seemed like a whirlwind for the band Undergrünnen. That’s not surprising, because the music the band are making often feels like an uncontrollable force which pulls and tears at you until you no longer can avoid letting the band devour you entirely. When we summarize the past year, this band from Haugesund is unavoidable. […]


Death By Unga Bunga – Pineapple Pizza (LP,CD,MC,DIGITAL)

Yo, world! Say hello to Death By Unga Bunga and their new album Pineapple Pizza. Death By Unga Bunga (DBUB) are five nasty guys from Moss, the garage rock capital of Norway, and just like in fairytales formed with lead singer Sebastian Ulstad Olsen holding auditions in his own garage. Since then DBUB have restlessly […]