Hajk – Hajk (DIGITAL/LP/CD)

Hajk’s debut album is finally here, and the newest member of the Jansen family dazzle us all. Their smart mix of indie and commercial pop has gone straight to the heart of the listeners and fans. Their first song, «Common Sense», was listed by Norwegian radio stations almost before the band got of our their […]


Torgeir Waldemar – No Offending Borders (LP/CD/MC/DIGITAL)

Torgeir Waldemar took the Norwegian people and music press by surprise with his eponymous debut album in 2014. Who had thought that the black-clad, longhaired and bearded man would deliver an album that captivated and moved us as much as it did. An acoustic masterpiece that sounded like it came straight from the rehearsal room […]


Hanne Kolstø - Fest blikket (LP,CD,MC,DIGI)

Hanne Kolstø has always been an artist who makes her own choices, and with «Fest Blikket» she once again makes an unexpected one. But this isn’t a daring thing to do for an artist like Hanne Kolstø. She’s always had blind faith in her own musical expression, and she’s landing firmly on her own feet […]