Hanne Kolstø - Fest blikket (LP,CD,MC,DIGI)

Hanne Kolstø has always been an artist who makes her own choices, and with «Fest Blikket» she once again makes an unexpected one. But this isn’t a daring thing to do for an artist like Hanne Kolstø. She’s always had blind faith in her own musical expression, and she’s landing firmly on her own feet […]


Chain Wallet – Chain Wallet (LP,CD,MC,DIGI)

You can’t deny that there is something sorrowful behind the Bergen-based, lo-fi dream/psych pop trio Chain Wallet, and you can’t hide that their music suits the environment wherein it was created. It may be a cliché that it always rains in the band’s hometown, but when you play Chain Wallet’s self-titled debut album, it’s not […]


Kråkesølv – Pangea (LP,CD,MC,DIGI)

Kråkesølv comes from Bodø, and they’re not hiding it. Rock music, Norwegian lyrics and great songs and choruses. These are keywords you’ve heard being used about the band previously, but now they’re releasing their fifth album and it’s time to do something different. The title track «Pangea» – the first single from their upcoming album […]