Electric Eye – Live at Blå (digi / mc)

January, 2015: A new year’s hurricane is ravaging Bergen. Its aftermath rips and tears into the Western Norwegian town for a week. In Broen Studio, where Electric Eye are plugged in, the walls constantly shake from lightning, thunder, violent downpours and wind. It probably isn’t a coincidence that “Different Sun”, album number two from the […]


Perry Dear and The Deerstalkers (3×7″ EP / Digi)

«Thunderthrill» «Play «The Cruel Sea» and Other Favourites» «Mod Bod, Night Cry» Some of today’s bands play 60s garage rock. Only a handful play Merseybeat, and even fewer are so-called «Shadows bands». And then we have Perry Dear and the Deerstalkers… They operate within a timeframe that goes from April 1962 to circa December 1963, […]


Hanne Kolstø - Live at Tøyenkirken (LP,MC,DIGITAL)

One grand piano. One voice. It usually doesn’t take more to send shivers down your spine. At least when the artist is called Hanne Kolstø and has a songbook that surpasses many others’. The extremely prolific singer-songwriter and producer from Sykkylven has in five years released five albums with her innovative pop music. Now she’s […]