Electric Eye – Different Sun (LP,CD,MC,DIGITAL)

January, 2015: A new year’s hurricane is ravaging Bergen. Its aftermath rips and tears into the Western Norwegian town for a week. In Broen Studio, where Electric Eye are plugged in, the walls constantly shake from lightning, thunder, violent downpours and wind. It probably isn’t a coincidence that “Different Sun”, album number two from the […]


Atlanter – Jewels of Crime (LP,CD,MC,DIGITAL)

Atlanter washed over Norway like a monster wave in 2013. Their debut album, Vidde, became a favourite among both record buyers and critics, with its beautiful and natural mix of African desert blues, American delta blues and German “motorik” from the 70s. “Vidde blues” was a new and self-made term at that time – a […]


Bror Forsgren – I Had A Dream Last Night (digital)

”I Had a Dream Last Night” is an exclusive non-album single that follows up this year’s debut LP Narcissus. It’s a great orchestral popsong and the single includes remixes by Gold Celeste and LoveLoveLove. Buy/stream I Had A Dream Last Night Here: Spotify: http://bit.ly/IHadADreamSPOTIFY Tidal: http://bit.ly/IHadADreamLastTIDAL iTunes/Applemusic: http://bit.ly/IHadADreamITUNES Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/IHadADreamSOUNDCLOUD Buy/stream Narcissus here: http://www.phonofile.link/narcissus