Hanne Kolstø – Forever Maybe

Hanne Kolstø is a musical trapeze artist. She evolves, pulsates and lives to find what is true for herself, and she does so while balancing high above the circus ring. Her music exudes confidence, but the underlying uneasiness poses a constant threat to the comfort of the listener. You look up and keep your fingers […]


Thea & The Wild – Strangers and Lovers

Thea & The Wild’s brilliant debut album is out now. This is a release that comes with high expectations and has already gotten rave reviews in Norway. Despite her young age, Thea Glenton Raknes is quite experienced in the Norwegian music industry. She has gained a lot of said experience as a songwriter, lyricist, frontwoman, […]


Hanne Kolstø / Atlanter / Anne-Lise Frøkedal – Stand Still/Temple EP

Three of Norwegian music’s most renowned artist’s team up! Kolstø/Atlanter/Frøkedal. Their music is a mix of Atlanter’s unmistakable sound and harmonies, Kolstø’s unique voice and pop feel and Frøkedal’s voice and sense of songwriting. In February the Norwegian band Atlanter did a special appearance with Hanne Kolstø and Anne Lise Frøkedal at the new radio […]